Audio Books by S. L. Worthen A.S.

Words By: S. L. Worthen A.A.S. Narrated by: Joe Wosik Length: 2 hrs and 37 mins Unabridged Audiobook Release date: 06-21-18 Language: English Publisher: Starforce Production LLC.

Written words are vibrating verbs stimulating your brain waves so that you perceive rhythmic sound, unlocking the crave to follow a program of life in style. Rays are put in front of us everyday. Reality is presented in a new way. Mental audio that you can see before you hear for those with a ear. It’s in your brain before it’s in your ear,the verbs create the beat that plays in your head. These words will give you many things to think about before you rest your head. If you miss a point, do not fear, just listen to it again. Your mind will make it clear. The vibration of these words make a meaning of the sound you’ll hear.

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Crystal Life Shining Bright, Spoken Words Written – Crystal Life Unlockes What Is Hidden By: S. L. Worthen A.A.S.

Narrated by: Doug Eisengrein Length: 42 mins Unabridged Audiobook Release date: 05-15-18 Language: English Publisher: Starforce Production LLC.

Crystal Life Shining Bright is another work of spoken words written by S.L. Worthen A.A.S., with current life content that starts with a true look into the effects of crystals on life as its opening topic. It begins with a spin that makes you stop and think again. The power of crystals was on the earth before man.

©2016 Stewart Worthen/S.L. Worthen A.S. (P)2018 Stewart Worthen/S.L.Worthen A.S.

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