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Introduces a lifestyle program that includes motivational advice, recipes, health tips, and nutritional guidelines to assist in treating major health problems, including diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and heart disease. The Protein Power diet is a low-carb plan developed by doctors Michael and Mary Dan Eades. As outlined in their book, “Protein Power,” the Eades’ diet focuses on high protein, moderate fat, and low carbs. While this version of the diet required counting carbs and protein, the authors later provided an alternative that uses portion counting instead. “The Protein Power Diet is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate plan. While this diet may help you lose weight, experts warn that the carbohydrate limits can be quite restrictive to follow long-term.”
Chrissy Carroll, RD, MPH

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This is an old book because the Drs. Eades were of the very first to recognize the black health-hole the American population were being led into by politically motivated nutritional guidelines. There is nothing more dangerous than pretend science and science-pretenders and we become their victims. The con job was so complete such that today the nutritional advice you would receive from most Doctors is in no way based upon verifiable science. This book presaged a revolt and should be read by anyone wishing to remain healthy into old age by avoiding the numerous depredations of diet-caused metabolic syndrome which include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson s, auto-immune disease, it goes on and on. There is now a flurry of books telling us how to eat in order to remain healthy by turning back the diet industry clock; some carefully document how the metabolic disaster was brought about. A most recent one well-worth reading is “Death by Food Pyramid”. The Eadeses founded a chain of family-care clinics in Arkansas and then started specializing in bariatric (weight-loss) medicine. First published as a book in 1997, Protein Power remains a popular option among the many low-carb diet programs available today. The doctors also developed and hosted a low-carb cooking show for PBS. They have since written a number of other books related to their low-carb eating recommendations, including carb counting resources, cookbooks, and a fitness book. The Protein Power Diet plan relies on knowing how much carbohydrate is in everything you eat. However, the Eades’ book “The 30 Day Low-Carb Diet Solution” offers an alternative. Rather than carb counts, this approach specifies servings of carb-containing food: “small,” “medium,” and “large” servings depending on the phase of the diet you are in.

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As the title of the diet suggests, getting enough protein is crucial to the success of the diet. The authors have come up with several ways to determine this. In “Protein Power,” they use a formula based on lean body mass. They then simplified this calculation by providing charts based on height and weight in a follow-up book, “Protein Power Life plan.” These formulas give most people 100 to 120 grams of protein per day. This is about double the amount recommended by the USDA (46 grams per day for adult women, and 56 for men), but well within the guidelines of the National Academy of Sciences. In “The 30 Day Low-Carb Diet Solution,” the authors provided an option for those who don’t want to count protein grams. Similar to the way they present carbs, they have several serving sizes of protein, with pictures to illustrate how large some of the servings are.

Just about everything goes here: meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, tofu, and low-fat cheeses (such as cottage cheese, feta, and Muenster).

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Again, most vegetables are permitted and encouraged. The authors advise getting at least 25 grams of fiber per day, and vegetables are a good source. Note that some vegetables have more carbs than others, and these count toward the daily allotment. In the serving size example above, spinach is unlimited, but green beans are limited to half a cup. Starchy vegetables like potatoes (a medium potato has about 37 grams of carbs) will exceed that carb count quickly. They are effectively off-limits, at least in the intervention phase.

Fruit isn’t completely banned on this diet. It’s also a source of fiber. But as with starchy vegetables, the carbs add up quickly with fruit, so you’ll have to limit it. An apple has about 25 grams of carbs and a banana about the same. Melons and berries tend to be lower in carbs. You’ll get more food on your plate with fewer carbs if you go for whole grains (such as brown rice or quinoa). As with fruits, grains and legumes aren’t banned, but you’ll need to sharply limit intake or risk exceeding daily carb goals. There is no specific eating schedule suggested. Eat whatever meals and snacks you feel you need, as long as you are keeping within the allowed carb and protein servings. The authors assert that eating sufficient protein will help you feel full and avoid blood sugar crashes.

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