Business Concept work from home Group Based Funnel


Do you shop online?

Do you belong to a Group in Social Media?

Are you an a Group , Club or Organization?

Do you have Followers, Friends or Fans?

Are you interested in Online Marketing?

Do you have a Web Site or Social Page?

Do you share Posts, Links or Content Blogs & Pages?

If any of this apply’s to you then a good look into your online spending, contacts, connects and engagement could prove profitable.

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This is the Concept & Business Model.

Use your online buying to Save and Earn Money. Think about it, by advertising the products you Buy and Shop for you will automatically enjoy a discount in the form of the money you will make of the sell of the Product. You just sold yourself a Product You want from a Brand or Company You Chose from around the Globe at a Discount. The more you buy the more you Save & Earn. Create recurring products and deliveries online with household products you purchase on a Monthly Basis like Toilet Paper, Garbage Bags, Baby Diapers, Soap Powders all delivered to your door and giving you a Consistent Cash Flow with direct, first hand information on upcoming sells and discounts. You can do much better.

Now it’s time to Sweeten this Offer/Opportunity. If you belong to or have any the the above you will become a Online Marketer without trying by simply Sharing with Your Friends, Fans, Groups or Organization. Posting the Product links on your Web Site or in your Blogs & Page could lead to additional income, All by doing what you do and have access to every day. The True Key to Success with this concept is the Sharing with Your Group or Organization.

All you need to do is View and Join. JOIN Flex Offers HERE Today


Flex Offers is an augmented affiliate network that offers all-inclusive features and services to advertisers and publishers alike. The platform utilizes assorted options for marketing, data delivery, and payment processing. With Flex Offers, publishers can look forward to choosing among a Million Products and Services for those that want to promote on their respective channels. There are also numerous ways available for them to do this, with content feeds and text links being among the methods. The Flex Offers network is composed of tens of thousands of publishers and advertisers. Both parties get access to brands and people they want to make profitable relationships with. On top of that, merchants can leverage the wide reach of advertisers who are experts in affiliate marketing and grow their business. Remember, You are a Shopper/Buyer/Sharer. You benefit just by Shopping and Sharing with the people you deal with everyday in your Group. They join on Your Team, Becoming Your Team Member. If they like what you buy and shop for and buy or share that’s added income in Your Account while Your Team Members do the same. Your Business Grows Naturally as you share this concept with with those who Join Creating a Cash Flow Funnel.

The process is simple: you can either use the Refer-a Friend form to automatically send an email that will provide others with instructions for registering with Flex (which will link back to your account), or you can send your tracking link:

Once your referral registers, you will see them under the Status of Invites. You’ll see if they been approved or declined for the network, and when they registered. Unfortunately, we need to review all applicants to make sure they meet our minimum network requirements.

When your referral is approved, you will be able to see your earnings through the Referral Revenue section. The more money your referral makes and the more referrals you bring on board, the more money you make!

You can also make more money through our Flex Rev-$hare referral program based on your monthly sales volume. In essence, the more money you make, the more you will earn on your referrals. We base the referral rate on your 90 days of average sales. But Remember, You are and Shopper and Sharer, You buy your recurring household products and share your special purchases with your team and group.

Flex Rev-$hare Bonuses

Get the First in Your Group to Start Your Money Funnel

The Team at Flex Offers Make it Easy 

Publishers get help from Flex Offers and their partner merchant when it comes to promoting a product. Instead of them manually getting images and other content from the web, the advertiser provides it for them. This lets them focus more on putting out content rather than looking for something to populate their page. Both advertisers and publishers can access the support team through phone or email. But for those that require immediate assistance after office hours, Flex Offers has a ticketing system in place. This lets them choose whether to view the options available on the online knowledge base to troubleshoot their issue or get in touch with the dedicated account manager.


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