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Webtalk is an invite-only innovative platform. It is a social and business network which shares similarities with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon respectively. As an incentive, it has an attractive affiliate program, but this is just the tip of the iceberg for this new born social media.

The Webtalk platform has been developed by a group of talented developers for about 8 years now. Its features are released in stages, uncovering the entire vision of the platform.

After Webtalk Beta was released in July 2018, the number of users has been growing vastly, and by October 2018, Webtalk has achieved about 1 million users in its beta testing stages.

Users say that Webtalk is an approach to oversee connections in a superior manner than some other social media platforms. For most users, it is an approach to share data that isn’t as of now offered by any social media. Click the Link Below to Begin

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If you want to create a Web talk account, it would be ideal to follow these procedures:

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  • Once you get your invitation link, click the link for the signup page.
  • Fill in your name, email address, mobile number, and the birth of date.
  • Then click on sign up.
  • To wrap the signup procedure, you should confirm your email address
  • Verifying your contact data will guarantee you claim the Email you provided, and that your own record data is sent to you, this verification is best done right away.
  • Your real names are required for registration as this makes associating with individuals more straightforward and increasingly practical. Certain nicknames might be banned to help keep individuals from creating phony or deceitful records  Click the Click Below to Join:
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  •      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfhY8llO_9g


Some Innovative Features of Web talk

You Can At Web talk Arrange Your Contacts Into Groups

At Facebook, you are not allowed to isolate family, friends, and professional contacts. Facebook keeps every one of your contacts on a single category, which can be really irritating if you don’t intend to share your family pictures with your business contacts.

At Web talk you can arrange your contacts as friends, family or professional, so by this segregation, you can make Web talk similar to Facebook – for your family and friends – and Linkedin – for your pro contacts – in one spot.

You can even go on to classify your business contact further to a client, partner, service provider, colleague etc. You can also arrange your contacts with searchable tags..

You Can at Web talk Control Your News Source

At Facebook, you aren’t allowed to control your newsfeed, and recently, an ever increasing number of advertisements are fused in the Facebook newsfeed. Whatever you share on your Facebook timeline is unhidden to every one of your friends, except if you indicate who can see it independently.

With Web talk and its patented Newsfeed, you can share your private-related posts just to your companions, business-related posts only to your customers, business-related posts to associates, etc.

You can additionally include explicit tags, get just video posts – utilize different customization alternatives to channel precisely what you desire to see.

This is where it all gets exciting, especially if you’re on the platform for business purposes or to get your desired job position. You should note that the affiliate feature of this innovative social platform is linked to this premium feature with excellent reward packages.

You might be wondering which features are worthy of being termed “premium” in this platform when we’ve already mentioned unique features associated with this platform which isn’t found in other social platforms. The image below shows basically what the premium plans have to offer:

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Web talk’s founders have promised to share up to half of the company income with their users through an innovative and highly lucrative affiliate program called Social C P X. Beta-affiliates who qualify for the highest rewarding program (the so-called “1 million bonus”) will get 10% of the income produced by 5 generations of their referral network forever. The individuals that will join after Beta is shut will get 10% revenue share from their direct referrals only.

You can estimate your potential earnings using this advanced income calculator for Web talk. You will realize that you can with Web talk earn several thousand dollar per month just by inviting 20 people to the network.

You are encourage you to join during the beta in order to qualify for the 5-tier affiliate opportunity. This for sure is one of Web talk’s main advantage over the competition.

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Web talk has 2 principle advantages over Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and various social platforms that make it extraordinary and indeed genuine:

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Advantage 1:

When you share your photos, posts, etc. on Facebook, all your friends can see them. Imagine a scenario where there are a few pictures that you need to exhibit just to your family, and you don’t need your manager to see, and perhaps there are posts that you need to share with your business associates which you don’t need your family members to view. That is something you can definitely achieve with Webtalk.

Advantage 2:

It is a well-known fact that Facebook and Google are earning billions of dollars from ads on their respective platforms, with no fraction of it allocated to their users.

All things considered, you are making the feeds (with the posts and pictures that you share) and the traffic (when you bring your friends along with you to the platform and then the individuals ‘like’ your posts), without your commitment to this social platforms, there will be no gathering of people to advertise to. However, you get nothing! Not a dime! As such, you are working for nothing! Web talk was designed to understand and address this issue precisely.

On Web talk, when you accept someone as your contact, you label him/her to which kind of connection, he/she has a place (family, collaborator, companions, etc.).

In a nutshell, when you share a post, you can check which category of people will be presented to this data and which not.

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