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Amazon has released new information Friday sale. The information dropped on November 19, 2019 and covers several of Amazon’s ‘Sneak Peaks’. Like last year, Amazon’s sale will run for a week and will highlight many devices, gadgets, and other hot items from 2019.

Amazon’s latest press release announces that the event will start on November 22, a full week before Black Friday. There is no specific start time for the event. New deals will begin every day throughout the event. Amazon will be launching ‘one-time-only’ deals beginning on Thanksgiving Day and running through December 2 (Cyber Monday). Amazon fully expects many of these deals to sell out, so smart shoppers will want to be as prepared as possible for the deals that interest them most.


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 Amazon does not release a traditional Black Friday ad anymore. Instead, it puts out a press release with a sample of items that will be available for a full week up to and including Black Friday.  Since Amazon is an online store, new sales will go live 24 hours per day.  Amazon offers multiple “Deals of the Day” for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the full week. Amazon also has the luxury of being able to offer the most and best discounts on their own products. There will be plenty of Kindles, Fire tablets, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TVs. Additionally, high-quality televisions are Amazon’s bread-and-butter, so look out for a ton of options from Samsung.

Since Amazon does not have any offline locations, all of their deals appear on their website. Their lightning deal format means that many of the top items sell out within a matter of minutes. While some of the products, notably Amazon’s own line of electronics, have quantities that last for the entire day, others are gone quickly. This means that it is important that you keep your eye on the “upcoming deals” tab on Amazon’s website. It is also important to have your account in good standing with recent payment information.

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