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New Audio Book Release Coming Soon! Finished audiobook is due 13 Mar 2021 UTC, Titled, One Truth Two Realities By:  S. L. Worthen A.A.S. and Narrated by Jack Sheppard, whom add vocal characteristics that deepens the attention of the listener.

Facts and Theories From Science of the Past, Present, and Future, What is to happen in the Future that has happened in the past are proven in the Bible as One continued truth of Creation and Our existence. Bringing Science and Religion together as one fact is the latest book convergence to audio of S. L. Worthen A. S., C.E.O. of STARFORCE PROUDUCTION LLC. the Founder and Proud Sponsor of ( P.O.T.S. ) Peace on the Streets, a non-profit designed to reduce violent crime in the youth and young adults by Creating Alternative Activities. Starforce Production will Create Events, Projects and Activities that will Entertain, Educate, Inform and Prepare it’s Participants for Positive Involvement in the Growth of Our Community. Starforce Production became an affiliate marketer, to provide programs and activities, from quick problem solving to achieving long-term goals.

Get valuable hands-on practice by methodically building and completing an entire project, using and following proven guided paths, through a wide range of projects and tutorials for in-depth learning. Learn by Doing and Developing the necessary Skills to succeed, and awake to nurture the natural ability of each individual, from Start to Finish. learning new Techniques, Being Inspired by different Life’s Experiences, Adapting, Refining and Developing Growth in our Teens, Youth and Young Adults Creating Home Base in a Safe Place. STARFORCE PRODUCTION has become an Affiliate Marketer and Promotes Products & Services in it’s Blogs, Posts & Updates, As well as being an Inventor & Author of Books and Audio Books on i-Tunes & audible.. Follow Us/ Me, Show Your Support & Interest.

One Truth Two Realities is a follow work of sorts where the topic centers around religion, spirituality and faith and how it impacts are thinking about life. Start your listing to writings and readings with the first release of a written word, spoken and written again in this beautifully audio crafted vocal presentation and representation of the questions that arise from that facts giving in these eye opening events for those with ears that hear and eyes that see. It is said to over stand the facts of truth is the first step to being free.

10 + Reasons People Question Christianity & the Church/ Who is Peter

The main theme to the Questions raised in this book consider We the People of Faith and Belief Recognizing the Teachings of the Christian Church differ from the Spoken Words of Jesus Christ Written Down as it is translated in the King James Bible

By S. L. Worthen A.A.S. Narrated & Produced by Jack Sheppard

Released December 2020 in time for the Holidays View Here

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3 eBooks= One Great Paper Book Collector’s Item. Elements of God within the Line Leads to Connections in Your Mind to be narrated and produced by Jack Sheppard, the trifactor, Featuring The Colours of Life, Life Begins with Colors, One Truth Two Realities Science meets Religion & 10+Reasons People Question Christianity and the Church, Who is Peter. These Works by S. L. Worthen A. S. are available on audio books on Audible and I-tunes. You can but your paperback copy today. Better still, Buy three, One to share, One for self, Wrap the last in plastic and put it on the shelf like a true collector with a classic to protect.

We are such you will enjoy the collective work and insight provided in both audio and visual representations of the writings of S. L. Worthen A. S.

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S. L. Worthen A. S.