AUDIO BOOK by S. l. worthen a. s. NARRATED AND Produced by Sheila D Thompson

The man who would be king is a story about a king who is not a king yet but was still made a king by those who needed a king. Not know the man they made king would have been a king in another time and another place.

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S. L. Worthen A. S. has now become an Author and has submitted his writings to Amazon, who encouraged S. L. to have his written words spoken, and to have those words spoken by a narrator of his choice picked from a list of narrators provide by Amazon’s Audible .com ACX platform.

S. L. is on working with SHEILA D THOMPSON, who will narrate and produce the written words from HOOD KINGS BORN DAILY: A NEW WAY A NEW DAY an ebook Kindle Edition and transform the listener into a place in time where the village raised the children, from street to street. This story tells of a Grandmother who had noticed that one of her grandchildren, Cuzco had an interest in music, and decided to get Cuzco listens. Music listens are very costly and sometimes it takes a student year of study and practice to be able to play an instrument, well enough to play in front of anyone, let alone make any money at it. Cuzco was always dancing to the music, snapping his fingers, with the beat while he would try to do different movement for his feet. Cuzco was forever finding something he could use to beat on, and play like it was kind of drum. Grandmother told Cuzco “Boy you keep running around here banging on thinks and making all that noise to that stuff they play on the radio and T.V., boy that isn’t no music not real music.  

Grandmother was an old schooled, Christian woman, how believed in traditional and church music, the music of the times was too subjective for grandmother’s taste, but grandmother recognized the interest of her grandson and wanted to do whatever her could to promote his interest. Beside in grandmother mind giving Cuzco something to do, like learn to play an instrument, would not only give him something to do that he liked and would keep him off the streets and out of the trouble that lay within. 

Listen closely as Sheila Thompson vocalizes the characters to the point that you can close your eye a visualize the scene, like, There are many lessons to be learned from being silent. You get to watch and learn from the adults. You get to see firsthand them do the things they tell you not to do. It was very fortunate for this little boy that his mother had a mother, his grandmother and one of his aunts that served as his personal saviors an educator of the truths of, do not believe in everything you hear. To the pint it was said that you should only believe half of what you see and now of what you hear. The young boy’s grandmother was a very religious 4 days a week church going Christian and her middle daughter would faith fully go with her mother on these weekly journeys to the house of religion were the written word of God almighty was to be recited a followed to the Red Letter of the Laws and Practice by example the ways of Jesus Christ.  

These was the way it was in many households throughout these communities that separated themselves from each other based on the amount of money their household made and what type of possessions there buy. You any day could hear some of these good job having people talk bad about the people of faith say you might have class but if you do not have cash you just another dumb ass who got a car with no gas while we rolling every day and having a blast, as they ride down the street in the brand new car the credit union on their job signed the bank note for.  

This man who would be king remembered the laughs he had to hold inside as he listened to his grandmother sound off back at the carload of hard working, thought to be better than the people. His grandmother used words and rhymes that keep up the hard worker’s taunts left off. She looked at her grandson with the loving eyes only a grandmother could have and said “All you unsaved heathens still don’t know about class, without God in your life how you think it’s going to last, keep driving your way and soon this time will pass and you will learn not to throw rocks when you live in a house of glass.  Get your copy today.

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