Audition Script for K’Lai Rivera by S. L. Worthen A.S.

 K’Lai Rivera agrees to narrate and production new audio book.


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The Word is The Word Vibrating Meaningful Verbs 

1                                                                 THAT PRODUCER 

Who is that producer? carving the new future, brain waves out move Lex Luther, pure vibration will undilute you, original frequency always rings true, when it comes together, to uplift and inspire you. 

Who is that producer? Megatron with the bomb rhymes to invite you, writing ying yang messages to entice you, mission statements geared to drive you, universal elements are here to protect and provide for you, with the key of life, hidden deep inside you. 

Who is that producer? Q- did expose symphonic flows, educating new producers to subsonic blows, crafting art with instrumental parts, creating amazing tones and sounds, the chosen few can be found when the producers in town, those who have an ear let them hear, providing the positive keys to the secret door inside of you and me, one elemental path to be free, universal signals buried deep inside our mind, waiting to be awakened by the tones within the rhyme, let’s take this time to make this point clear, while you’re here, this producer is 800 never fear, falling  down and building from the ground up, moving up, filling cups, gaining from the rear. 

Who is that producer? mind influencer, peace inducer with spiritual maneuvers, creating sounds, tones and vibes designed just to include you, help you over stand the keys, to these frequencies to that hidden door few have explored, this is set to provide a guided ride, by that producer with the masters tracks, reprogram the masses how to act, showing style with a smile, walking tall blessed for all to see, prepared to withstand a fall while processing the important call, answering the tones with true transformation with a predestination, using the producers universal keys to pure restoration,  the message is embedded and stays in your head, pied piper weaves instruction in the beat for those who red, when the producer brings the gunline in order, walk the gunline from Ohio to Florida, always make that pit stop a Georgia. all the time helping people to adore you. 

Who is that producer? Creating tones and sounds now have become business, all mixed up with all kind of nonsense, making people think this all is progress, while the forming mind reed this all as regress, lost the way, now look elsewhere for protection, songs project bazaar subjects that activate action the sound tones reflex, with all due respect, that is not the project, this producer use keys with tones designed to set one’s mind free, to over stand higher vibration of frequencies. James Brown sang Please, Please, Please. Made you feel his point and then hit his knees. For some, relating music, sounds and tones becomes a natural progression, others must fake the funk re-created the punk, all this the producer will debunk. 

Who is that producer? throwing polish on that act, while the producer finish tracks, sync’s the links from the natis to Florida, making a few stops and one full day in Georgia, the pied piper strikes without a fight, traveling safe through the night, help make your fan base adore you, with the producers keys your fan base will see the growth and truth inside you, the billboard spots for real, new deals will now surround you with trills, confusion will come dressed to kill, the producers work is almost done, there is no need to run, the producers about to have fun, producer conquers the force with the original source, you must stay on key with the producer frequency. Walk the gunline with sonic protection, pure vibration replied rejection and replaces it with positive images of helpful reflection, leading the chosen few to their proposed destination. 

Who is that producer? Searching the hood for the talent of the one hundred and forty four thousand, the chosen generation setup with a mouth full, their skill level is excitingly insightful, the presentation honestly delightful, musical fills that pays the bills, leaves the haters alone to shine their grills. We do not believe because we know how to conceive, and bring proception to reality with affection and perfection, over standing the new direction. Can you figure out what is in this projection? 

5                                    THE 5 1 3 ZEN NATY 

The 5 1 3, step into reality, pray not to be a causality of intellectual brutality, you may want to stay out the way, of the illusion of a temporary finality, still looking for clarity, no knowledge of just what you hear and see, a place where people don’t try to be, all we know they can be.    

The 5 1 3, is colder than a day time 187, got the minds of the people messed up between hell and heaven, some will befriend you just to exploit you, they will remain true, just to help fool you, before they offend then will end you, just cause their bored, there are generation that over stand, the poor in the hood copied what they saw the Germans and Jews in the ziti do. Zin ziti code is for real, a Midwest city of Babylon, a changes in structure has not begun, and will not start till the people begin to look up again, to connect with the special one, the people here need to reconnect, with all due respect, to endure in this Babylon with a heart of steel. 

The 5 1 3,  in Z Natty some of the hood rats feel, they have the right to get ill with the folks that live, one of the seven hills, before they come down and pick who next they will kill, making some of the resident business think, this was not written in the plan. 

This is the 5 1 3, Zin Ziti ruling, killer cops off the top, in the street, in a room, in your house or your bed, either way it never stops, it goes away until one ones who are wrong to be the powers that be , as you’ll see the only thing they stop, are the people who live on your block, but power acts like they don’t know that it’s you, they hit the spot, then they hide with computers in their ride,  there they’ll lay like a hunters stalking prey, either way, by the end, somebodies going to die, there is no good reason why, young mothers have to cry while they listen to the lie. 

The 5 1 3, Zen Natty, people with good command sense realize Z-Zenati is running kind of batty, run or work the streets, be it game or hustle are running your business just ain’t easy, the J.C. and the county jail stay filled with brothers being cheezy, known to hit your lick quick, get it good then get on out, get legit before you shout, brag or boost of what the games about. 

The 5 1 3, will never be like Oakland, Pittsburg or Washington d. c, in the 5 1 3 the powers that be have Z Zenati on a leach, watched by killer cops, racist police with the paid protesters, cause an intellectual calamity. The power structure won’t hear your plea, but publicly they will be seen, as  helping feed your family, psychologically washing your brain, causing you to react in ways with words of truth, that makes the world think you are insane, they know that causing you these issues will create severer pain in your brain, laughing, just enjoying the look on you face, when they tell you to, try again. 

The 5 1 3, for all to see, is just one open air penitentiary, a penitentiary with poo-nanny and invisible locks, the guards wears street clothes all day while they send signals to cops, trying to stop the kids the selling rocks on the block, update your free mind, down load the new program, pack your grip, watch your lip or be prepared for your sorrows, if you are coming to Z Natty, you better stop, call, and/or haler, we might have to crap you off the street, coming in, if you want to act like a baller.   

           SO SO CRAZY                              

Oh, so crazy, so so crazy bout, so so crazy about you. 

All you hear about, all day out the mouth, is how one feels about you. 

So so Crazy cause all the Day long it seems, one just has day dreams about, what in life will be good for you. 

Far from lazy, are pushing up daisy’s, waiting to see, when you will show, you know, the one who to you will really be true. 

 New to you, oh so crazy’s eyes on you, admire ring the poise and grace you display, of the reactions that would really fit our time, you take it all right in stride, leaving nothing to hide, while encouraging others to feed off her pride. 

Oh, so crazy, oh, so crazy bout, oh, so, crazy, about, you, 

When you go to sleep, one sits and looks at you, it’s like watching a sleeping beauty. 

When one moves and wakes her up, the love & lust in their eyes shall meet, one hopes he is still her true prince charming. 

Oh, so crazy ,when you said you were tired of slaving, she said she has worked hard for years and has paid her dues, smell the coffee and update the news, oh, so crazy, Yes One, will drive miss daisy and show you what old oh so crazy will do, so crazy said, pack your bags, pick up the news, we heading for a ocean cruise. 

That day she took one shopping, in oh, so crazy’s mind review, you said , buy what makes you happy, right then and there one knew, he would always have crazy love for you, and give you all the world too, so what does one do, He brought the store for you and what’s even more, Oh so ,crazy paid for the restaurant too. 

It’s so crazy because, that was 40 years ago, and the vowels and oaths we took seems old, oh, so, crazy, did we know what we were doing,  

What crazy is, life really gives what you need to live, and stand the test of time time has to give, now in rocking chairs we play, and yes, most of our hair is gray but that romance is still a brewing,  so crazy now cause every night their pray, that in heaven they will both stay, OH, so crazy cause until that day comes, they will be havin fun, one told her to start her motor cause here he comes. 

Oh, So Crazy, Love takes Bravery, make it work, it’s Savory and whats crazy is it really works for you. 

Be Crazy, Be True, Pick or Be Chose, What Works for You.     

We would like to take this time to thank you for listening to the audition script used to evaluate the performances submitted for The Word is Vibrating Meaningful Verbs: The Words vibrate Knowledge, Verbs Hold Wisdom By S. L. Worthen A.S.. K’ Lai Rivera was selected to narrate and produce this audiobook, soon to bring acclaim to name due to her ability to engage the writings in a way that conveys the emotion and content of each piece to the listener. Get Your Copy Today and Enjoy.

Another great work of lyrical art written poetically that it may be rhythmically spoken. Continuing with the theme vibrating words, the honorably respected S. L. Worthen A.S. once again has captured the elements of past and present life and time in the insightful flow, creating words you feel. Feel the Flow of K’ Lai Below.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><a href="">The Word is Vibrating Meaningful Verbs: The Words vibrate Knowledge, Verbs Hold Wisdom</a>The Word is Vibrating Meaningful Verbs: The Words vibrate Knowledge, Verbs Hold Wisdom