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There have been reports and ads on Amazon that some people have lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks – following the simple plan this lays out makes it an easy diet to follow. So many ‘keto’ diets have menus/meal ideas that are way to involved to be realistic for someone who works 50 hrs a week that it simply wont fit into my life, but this is easy. It sets up a simple structure to follow. For the week I, wrote Harold the Butcher have a salad with protein for lunch and then the second meal is often the same, boring? but effective. Focus on your goal and follow this for two weeks, once you hit ketosis you will begin to drop quickly, it may take nearly a week for it to take off. I am moving from 240 to 190 goal and will likely do it in less than 6 months on this plan. After the first month, I than began to incorporate working out. Once in ketosis you can have minor indulgences and still not blow our your keto burn.
Seriously, sip this stuff to start but stayed with it and it glad I did, Had a physical after a month and shared this plan with my doc, labs came back great; likely will be getting off my blood pressure meds soon and he told me to keep doing it.

Insider Steals: BOGO Free Promotion Type
Buy One / Get One

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