AUDIO & WRITTEN WORKS of S. L. Worthen A. S.

Book Collection from the library of S. L. Worthen A. S. and Listed on Amazon, Audible & i- Tunes in Support of Starforce Production LLC, a Start Up Company Established in 2015 by The Author, Inventor and Founder of P.O.T.S. Peace on the Street. The Honorably Respected Rev. S. L. Worthen A.S. Goal and Mission is to Sponsor (P.O.T.S.) Peace on the Streets an non-profit designed to reduce violent crime in the youth & young adults by creating alternative activities in Cincinnati, Ohio and the sounding areas.

The Word Is Vibrating Meaningful Verbs: The Words Vibrate Knowledge, Verbs Hold Wisdom

Another great work of lyrical art written poetically that it may be rhythmically spoken. Continuing with the theme vibrating words, the honorably respected S. L. Worthen A.S. once again has captured the elements of past and present life and time in the insightful flow, creating words you can feel. S. L. Worthen A.S. (Author), K ‘Lai Rivera (Narrator).

The Word is Vibrating Meaningful Verbs: The Words vibrate Knowledge, Verbs Hold Wisdom